Can you describe it – Can you detail it?  Forget selling yourself with a two minute elevator speech, it’s now about the 30 seconds or less commercial.

Your digital footprint is all that more important so focus on telling your professional story in a concise and chronological way.  What you have done hopefully has built upon itself.  Your career should flow and be rather easy to share with someone else.  It should roll off your tongue.  And you can do it without having a four+ page resume.  The KISS method works.

Keep It Simple ?^!>#.

Social Media outlets such as LinkedIn, which is a great resource at whatever stage in your career you are in, provide the audience and opportunity to share your immediate and long-range value and enthusiasm.

If you are unable to articulate why someone should hire you and what makes you stand out compared to the competition, any Phone, Skype and In-Person Interview will not matter.  Practice, prepare and research for whatever you are going after be it a new career opportunity, corporate promotion, new business venture, etc…

There is also no need to suffocate or overwhelm someone with your aspirations, but you need to showcase what makes you dynamic.  There’s a reason companies call recruiting Talent Acquisition now.  What separates you from 100 other candidates regardless of age, experience or whatever the business card/email signature indicates is the key.  Focus on your personal brand while seeking new employment, looking to sell the latest and greatest widget or just promoting what you are currently doing.

You can sell You without selling You.  As they say there is no “I” in team and given that, professionals that collaborate and understand the importance of teamwork are more respected and accepted and more times than not have sustainable, progressive and profitable careers.

And this goes without saying, but stand behind what you do through ownership and accountability and do it morally, legally and ethically the right way.